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Needs must when the devils drive


Delilah has been observing the shenanegans of our lords and masters as they trash the planet for their own enrichment, and reckons her highest calling is to bear witness. Her Landlord, on the other hand, wants her to work at Poundland. Negotiations are not going well.
Delilah will be having a few days off in a Yurt on the South Downs, and wishes everyone well.


Monsanto patents broccoli #monsanto, #seed patents


Despite having been instructed by law to stop, The EPO continues to issue patents on all natural crops
I ate some broccoli yesterday. In order to remain within the law I shall be collecting what’s left of it as soon as it passes through my system and dutifully sending it off to Monsanto’s offices. It’s the least I can do

The G8’s plan for Africa…#food #epicfail #neo-colonialism #cartoon

Who ate all the pies

The G8 and some NGOs are getting their ships in line ready for the shmoozefest that will announce their big plan to stop food poverty on the continent of Africa. This seems to largely entail kicking the people off the land and handing it over to agribusiness giants who will then be able to dictate what is grown, what seeds can be saved etc – destroying biodiversity and resourcefulness in the process. Nice little earner.

Genetically commodified

Genetically commodified

Giant land and seed grabbing monoliths patent the stuff of life and tell us we have to cough up, year on year, if we want to harvest the fruits of our planet. They own the numbers and numbers are everything. If I had a supreme court judge in MY pocket, I’d set up a reality TV show and make him quaff¬† McNuggets,¬† saccharine and rectum-burgers til he was sick, and make him sleep in a tent full of genetically modified super-mosquitoes and N’Dubz