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Tomorrow’s news, today!


Satire is outpaced by reality, so Delilah thought- upon her eventual return home – that we may as well try some predictions….


Baby, It’s cold outside #gasprice


British Gas hikes up its prices a gazillion percent above inflation and has the gall to cite “social and environmental policies” as part of the rationale. The Government’s answer? Shop around! Ah, capitalism! – so many robbing bastards to choose from!

slave class #workfare


The beauty of it is, of course, that they can then lay off hundreds of thousands more people and drive wages down so low that a virtual slave class exists for them to exploit until the ship goes down.
It’s hard to be amusing about the tories. They’re a party who got their private security to stop the BBC filming as 70,000 marched past their conference, booing. Not that the Beeb needs much prompting to crawl up the governments arse these days.