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Vinaregrette #acidification


While we’re all preoccupied with war and austerity and the burgeoning police state, the waters that sustain us continue to decline. Nice to be distracted, innit?!


Needs must when the devils drive


Delilah has been observing the shenanegans of our lords and masters as they trash the planet for their own enrichment, and reckons her highest calling is to bear witness. Her Landlord, on the other hand, wants her to work at Poundland. Negotiations are not going well.
Delilah will be having a few days off in a Yurt on the South Downs, and wishes everyone well.

An economy for the 99% #@robertsbridge

Cats00081 99%

Basically an advert for a local event TOMORROW
St Clement’s Church, Edge Lane, Chorlton. M21 9JF

Whilst austerity is presented as the only way, many local groups are working together in creative ways with positive results such as Incredible Edible who take unused land and grow food for free; a housing co-op who train and employ the long term unemployed and bring empty properties back into use; ‘Move Your Money’ who give us back ethical control over our money and/or help us access trustable credit unions; Charter for Abundance proposing a shorter working week and affordable leisure (*Full programme below).

They are showing there is another way…. there are lots of other ways. Keynote speaker – author and broadcaster Charles Secrett – declares ‘It’s the economy stupid!’ and he and others will share evidence based visions of economics that not only provide jobs and services but re-green and re-balance our planet.

The conference will be an opportunity to meet new people and enjoy a creative, friendly and vibrant atmosphere. We would love to hear your ideas, thoughts, feelings and of any projects you are involved in.