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Needs must when the devils drive


Delilah has been observing the shenanegans of our lords and masters as they trash the planet for their own enrichment, and reckons her highest calling is to bear witness. Her Landlord, on the other hand, wants her to work at Poundland. Negotiations are not going well.
Delilah will be having a few days off in a Yurt on the South Downs, and wishes everyone well.

What’s News? (shame he turned out to be a dick)

George Rolph

A “considered and courageous” stand against injustice and brutality? Not on Facebook. It might upset the advertisers. It seems that the Zukkerberg bohemoth has strict rules about “deliberate self harm”. It’s not so squeamish about deliberate harm to others, and is somewhat slower to take down misogynistic torture porn uploaded by brick-shit dick-heads.

UPDATE; – It has since been brought to my attention that Mr Rolph is not all that he appears and has some pretty unsavoury attitudes to pretty much everybody.. So an object lesson in hasty posting. Delilah has withdrawn her support from this man