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NHS privatization #NHS


The contracts up for grabs have been steadily creeping up from tens of millions to hundreds of millions to a billion. The likes of Branson and the usual party-funding, money-grubbing generalists will no doubt be rubbing their hands with whatever glee their dank souls can muster. For the rest of us – unless we resist – it’s a serious rebrand of the cost of living

Needs must when the devils drive


Delilah has been observing the shenanegans of our lords and masters as they trash the planet for their own enrichment, and reckons her highest calling is to bear witness. Her Landlord, on the other hand, wants her to work at Poundland. Negotiations are not going well.
Delilah will be having a few days off in a Yurt on the South Downs, and wishes everyone well.

Army redundancies #army


Governments lie to their robust young folk so they can send them around the world to secure resources for their corporate chums and to make sure those pesky natives don’t get their hands on them. Job done? OK, fuck off now, there’s a good lad. There’s some charities that’ll help you out with your PTSD and might even get you that prosthetic leg. Can’t find a job? There’s opportunities all over the world for a resourceful trained killer who’s handy with a baton round or a water cannon. You can help our friends abroad crush popular dissent. Get out there and strive!

Doctored figures

Doctored figures

More Tory fuckwittedness surfaces detailing their pandering whims concerning things they know fuck all about.  In order to keep Daily Mail readers supplied with enough ignorant hatred to keep the voting, they float the idea that the NHS is not floundering due to rampant privatisation and ladder-scrambling gutless management, but because people born overseas use it, from time to time. Yes they do indeed. I have had many reasons to thank them for this over the years, as have all my family and everyone I know who has ever had recourse to medical care in this country.