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Naughty Kitty


Listening to Theresa May justify such heavy handed policing with the usual repetetive, brain-washing soundbites makes my blood both boil and run cold, which is rather uncomfortable


More Police State illegality

Here we go again. You all know the story. The Guardian has hard-drives smashed by the police and the Home Secretary authorises illegal detentions and confiscations in the interests of furthering the destruction of civil liberties. We slide into fascism, one abuse at a time

Police State #NSA, #GCHQ, #UKBA


So the NSA has paid GCHQ 100 million over the past three years for information it gathers by spying on citizens – information that could bring a knock on the door in the middle of the night to anyone who innocently googles the wrong phrase. Meanwhile the UK Border agency illegally stops and questions people of colour in London streets whilst tweeting live updates of its “successes” and the hate vans roll around with their fictional statistics and Police in Balcome use excessive force to defend an energy company’s right to profit from the destruction of ecosystems against the wishes of locals, (whilst, simultaneously, the Greenland icesheet starts its slide into the sea after record high temperatures). And, of course, there’s Cameron’s disingenuous porn filter initiative – which is undoubtedly a mechanism primarily for blocking a whole host of other material, from Anarchism to Zinn, and for identifying the disobedient opters-out, in order to make GCHQ’s job easier. Delilah is rather overwhelmed at the acceleration of the police state apparatus recently, and the brazen cynicism with which it is being deployed.

Needs must when the devils drive


Delilah has been observing the shenanegans of our lords and masters as they trash the planet for their own enrichment, and reckons her highest calling is to bear witness. Her Landlord, on the other hand, wants her to work at Poundland. Negotiations are not going well.
Delilah will be having a few days off in a Yurt on the South Downs, and wishes everyone well.