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Testing for 5 year olds #tests


Delilah is feeling rather cynical. Although it sounds like they’re doing their bit to leave no child behind etc, this sort of “one size fits all” simplification ignores not only the variation in human potentials but also the futility of building an education system around the needs of a doomed and venal economic system. Our children are so much more than this, and the world they will inhabit as adults will be built upon more inclusive, more sustainable practices than those of the petty market


School for scoundrels

School for scoundrels

They tried to justify this as a debating, critical thinking exercise. Maybe they could try this – You are a high ranking nazi who has kept his head down and is doing quite nicely. You are asked to create a multi-million Deutchmark spectacle extolling the virtues of fascism and the absolute necessity of exterminating inconvenient populations whilst aggressively fucking over all your neighbours.  What outfit do you wear to the event?