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Police pre-emptively arrest activists #anticapitalists #G8


The story – even though filtered through the Daily Hate – is here

Wow – the Met’ have come all over Mystic Meg in their determination to refuse people their right to demonstrate their opposition to the carve-up of the planet by vested interests. I don’t think they’d mind you seeing the blood, as it helps keep the waverers indoors


The G8’s plan for Africa…#food #epicfail #neo-colonialism #cartoon

Who ate all the pies

The G8 and some NGOs are getting their ships in line ready for the shmoozefest that will announce their big plan to stop food poverty on the continent of Africa. This seems to largely entail kicking the people off the land and handing it over to agribusiness giants who will then be able to dictate what is grown, what seeds can be saved etc – destroying biodiversity and resourcefulness in the process. Nice little earner.