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Aiding the enemy #snowden. #manning, #assange

Bad times for blowing whistles on the shady. Manning waites to see how many of the possible 130 years he might get detained for, whilst Snowden gets refugee status in Russia and Assange waits it out in his Embassy hideyhole. It seems Governments don’t like to have the skeletons in their cupboards rattled. Who knew?


National insecurity

Cats00045SSpyingThe US NSA¬† has been secretly gathering information from telecoms and social media sites, all authorised by “law” (for want of a better word?. They are deeply pissed off that this has been leaked to the press. Apparently it’s OK for them to know everything we do, but if we know what they do civilization will collapse and all manner of nutters will take over the planet. ‘might be a bit late to worry about that now