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Shell’s pre-emptive injunction re-Greenpeace #arctic’ #oil, #greenpeace


US courts grant oil-giant Shell an injunction to stop Greenpeace making any kind of protest concerning its Arctic drilling operations. This was granted pre-emptively and allows Shell to do whatever it pleases whilst even hypothetical future public protest will be banned by law. More future-crime shenanegans. The appeal is to be heard over the Summer


Arms to Syria? #Syria, #Iran, #oilwar

With Iranians at the polls and charges of chemical weapons use against Assad, The US ratchets up regional tensions as part of its ongoing attempts to get hold of Iran’s oil. Russia may not be too happy about this. Plus ca change.

In case anyone is unaware of the Eastasia reference (despite the massive rise in sales of 1984 recently)- Oh, you’ll figure it out.