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On getting enraged

OK. Anger is an energy. But to get caught up in the great mistake of hatred is a tragic waste. We see the fruits of blame and rejection and hatred everywhere – from the UKBA raiding takeaways in Ladywell so they have something to tweet to the continuing excesses of the Israeli state (and many others, obviously). But we must not succumb to hate. It is a cowardly frittering of energy and a sorry excuse for action. Many that I love and respect struggle with the pain of daily seeing and feeling the violence around us – be it physical, economic, psychological or emotional – but are brave enough to say No to hate, No to the simplicities of division, and Yes to a commitment to unity that eschews the instant gratification of blame. Hate drains the soul. Yes, there are hate-filled, hateful people – intent on power and desperate to avoid the common responsibility we have inherited by projecting their fears and insecurities outwards onto whichever vulnerable group comes into their narrow field of view – but if we hate them they have occupied our minds. That’s what Delilah thinks – when she’s not thinking about eating Michael Gove’s liver.

Back to the vitriol tomorrow


Pentagon plans for mass dissent, #pentagon, #police state, #climate change


Realising the enormous inevitable strains that will be imposed upon the US by Climate Change, the Pentagon braces itself to do what’s it’s always wanted to do and subjugate the people in the name of corporate interests

Grow your gardens, folks. The state will not be helping you