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Geo-Fencing. # apple, #geofencing


In a world where the flow of information, at speed and from a multiplicity of independent sources is vital for effective resistance, the ability to “geo-fence” an area to block the recording and transmission of information is a threat. Police violence? Prove it – where’s your video?


Masses Arising. #Brazil, #Egypt


Delilah was at a conference yesterday – “An economy for the 99%”. Most of the participants (or attendees, depending on how you viewed it) were over 40, many by some distance. Discussed – amongst other things – was the thorny question of how to galvanise and mobilise different sections of the activist and wider community around common goals, such as working towards a future that isn’t deep in the shitter. They don’t seem to have this problem in Egypt or Brasil. But then they don’t have the awesome power of Mumford and Sons draining all the zeal out of their young folk.
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