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Activist Database and bent coppers #domestic extremists

The National Police Unit have a secret database of nearly 9,000 activists on a “Domestic Extremist” watch list – the vast majority of which has broken no laws and pose no threat to anything except corporate profits. The plod themselves, however, seem to be breaking all sorts of laws with increasing regularity.


Hue and cry

Hue and cry

Terror, eh? I’m scared of quite a lot of things. I find the existence of Simon Cowell quite disturbing,  and the fact that Michael Gove holds political office shits me up good and proper. But terror? I’ve known a lot of murderers – (forensic psychiatry, it’s a long story) – who have come up with all sorts of unhinged bullshit to justify their actions.  It doesn’t amount to a political agenda. Naming something terrorism? Now there’s a political agenda